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MS medicine database
Chinese medicine chemical composition of the material basis of the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine to play a role, a clear chemical composition of traditional Chinese medicine is the key to modernization of Chinese medicine. How to quickly find an effective component and accurate identification of the structure, it is a serious problem. In recent years, with the development of mass spectrometry technology, greatly improves the ability to analyze the chemical composition, but the current qualitative analysis of the chemical composition of the mass is based on the experience of researchers, based on accurate mass measurement of the number of fragment ion information, use reference for comparison and network retrieval mode for manual analysis and identification, time-consuming, labor-intensive, low efficiency, accuracy is limited.
Through the years, poetry has been set up nearly Dande 2000 Chinese medicine chemical composition physical library, the number of library materials is also increasing. While in the process of obtaining these chemicals, the development of more than 500 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine reference materials and technical service provider has become well-known international and domestic regulatory authority. Is also based on this, if the poem Dandridge use in their daily work and traditional Chinese medicine compound obtained by the Institute of Mass standards establish the relevant standard MS database to guide the analysis of Chinese personnel for rapid and accurate qualitative analysis, will be to study medicine provided important technical and reference information. This vision is consistent with SCIEX company, bringing the two sides reached a cooperation agreement quickly.
SCIEX Company and the Shanghai Biological Co., Ltd. Dande poetry after two years, completed the establishment and post-certification of more than 20,000 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine a mass of information and nearly a thousand Chinese medicine compound tandem mass spectrometry database. The cooperation is based on the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" 2015 version of a traditional Chinese medicine, the use of Chinese medicine standards, fast high-resolution mass spectrometer through SCIEX TripleTOF, collection include saponins, flavonoids, triterpenoids, phenethyl alcohol glycoside , nearly a thousand kinds of organic acids and other active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine to complete high-resolution MS / MS to establish a database. In Chinese medicine identification, automatic data processing software, MS / MS database search matched the molecular weight, the isotope distribution and MS / MS spectral library, given the total score.
May 5, 2016, with the poetry Shindand Sciex Mass TCM database successfully completed the first results and held conference. The map library sales results have been commercialized to help pharmaceutical researchers to be more intuitive and accurate analysis of natural products.
Specific information is available from our poetry Dande, also welcome participation of interested teachers together to do the work of Chinese mass database.

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