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November 2003, Nature Standard was founded

March 2004, Nature Standard started to provide standard references of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

October 2005,  Nature Standard was awarded an innovation fund from the National Ministry of Science and Technology on “Research and development of 20 reference standards  for Traditional Chinese Medicine” November 2005, Nature Standard was awarded a secondary class award of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Progress Prize on  "Technical development of large-scale manufacturing of eight  reference standards of TCM”. December 2006, Nature Standard set up a Traditional Chinese Medicine testing center.

December 2007, Nature Standard  established a management structure of "One management testing center with multiple collaborative manufacturing partners"; Nature Standard headquarters were located in Shanghai Zhangjiang “Yaogu (Pharma Valley)"

December 2008, Nature Standard joined the " Shanghai Municipal Public Service Platform for Research and Development "

April 2009, Nature Standard was designated as the “Public Service Platform for Standardization of Traditional Chinese Medicine” by the “Shanghai Municipal Public Service Platform for Research and Development” of Shanghai Commission of Sciences. December 2010,  Nature Standard  was  designated as “Shanghai Public Technical Service Platform for Reference Standards for Traditional Chinese Medicine”.February 2011,  Nature Standard d started the establishment of its own raw materials production basesfor TCM: , the manufacturing base in Fengxian county, and the planting base in Chongming county (?)

2011 December,  Nature Standard started toestablishd  a “Three in One” business model by integrating  reference standard material development, traditional Chinese medicine basic research, and Chinese medicine health products testing"..l Nature Standard started the development of   reference standards for Traditional Chinese Medicine and related technical services.June 2012, Nature Standard, as a representative of the small and medium-sized enterprises, along with “Sino Pharma”, was named "the most innovative company in 2012”. "

July 2013, Nature Standard’s department of reference standards for TCM  was established in anew 1680 square meter laboratory in Pudong. .

In 2014, Nature Standard’s “Shanghai Public Technical Service Platform for Reference Standards for Traditional Chinese Medicine” was named “ the service company with most potential”. "

October 2015, Nature Standard’s Testing and Calibration Department was awarded CNAS 17025 accreditation, indicating the recognition of its capabilities and qualification from the international community.

December 2015, the project "Establishment of overall quality control standard system for TCM " in which Nature Standard participated was awarded the first class Science and Technology Award by China Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Association. .

July 2016, Nature Standard’s Chairman, Dr. Xie Tianpei, and Technical Director of Manufacturing Center, Dr. Xin Zhenqiang, were awarded “Contribution Prize of Chemical Regents in Shanghai” and “Best New Scientist Prize of Chemical Regents in Shanghai”, 

January 2017, Nature Standard won the Second Class Award of “the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award” in China.


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