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Nature Standard Meaning trademark----Chinese trademark for "tankard poems", the transliteration from English "standard"; English trademark "ns" stands for "NATURESTANDARD" the first letter, interpreted as "nature".

Nature Standard Culture Core----cultural core.

Nature Standard Pursue----poetry tankard in terms of customer satisfaction, employee value, the interests of shareholders to make every effort to, and are willing to bear the social responsibility. The pursuit of personal, team, corporate and social harmony and win-win.

Nature Standard Mission----In order to stunt the cause of human health as their responsibility, to improve the health level and quality of life as the basic goal.

Nature Standard Spirit----Encourage the kind of courage to think, to be willing to do, to take on the spirit; consider the matter to deal with the problem of a positive mental outlook; the use of all resources can be used to try to do things to the strong will.

Nature Standard management-----Enthusiasm and creative stunt engaged in the noble cause of craving for employees, employees high sense of responsibility. Companies to implement people-oriented management of human nature, and advocate a positive attitude towards life. Think of the humanized management not let employees slack, not encourage employees to seek ease and comfort, but to offer employees a value realization and show to the stage, and can embody high efficiency of work, which fully embodies the humanity in the positive side, and as it is on the staff of the biggest concern.

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