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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) material library and database

Nature Standard has established a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) material library, covering more than 2,000 chemical monomers, 3,000 batches of herbal extracts from natural products, and more than 4,000 TCM raw materials, and the number is still growing. In addition, we have developed more than 500 reference standards for TCM chemical monomers.

This material library can be an important source of TCM material drug screening and drug research and development.

We also have developed a high resolution mass spectrometry database for these chemical monomers that would help researchers to perform fast and accurate analyses.

This database can be beneficial to the following clients:

1. Domestic and international research institutes that perform natural products research. The known compound information in our database could facilitate the discoveries of monomers with new structures and lead compounds in natural products, and their related activities.

2, Cosmetics enterprises at home and abroad. Our database could help them in the development of plant-derived ingredients for cosmetics, chemical composition analysis and structure confirmation of plant extracts.

3, International food and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies. Our data base could help them to develop food supplements and functional food ingredients derived from natural plants, and rapidly identify the active ingredients.

4, China’s traditional Chinese medicine enterprises. Our database could help them to carry out secondary development of traditional Chinese medicine research, including studying the chemical composition of the prescription traditional or prescription preparations.

We welcome drug research institutions to discuss potential cooperations and joint development.


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