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Currently, the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) material research department of Nature Standard is working on developing reference standards for TCM components, advancing relevant technologies, extracting the active ingredients, and separating impurities . In this regard, the department is equipped with a variety of devices for these business need, including one set of 300L enrichment extraction system, one filtration equipment, twelve concentration and enrichment equipment (>20L), twenty HPLC (Agilent), one set of 6545 high resolution mass spectrometry (Q-tof) (Agilent), four sets of medium pressure chromatography system for the preparation , 1 set of dynamic axial preparation system. In addition, this lab s equipped with UV spectrophotometers, centrifuges, lyophilizer , vacuum dryers, several sets of conventional and low or medium -pressure columns, a variety of packings for these chromatography columns. Meanwhile The public service platform in Zhangjiang Drug Valley where we are located provides timely NMR testing services to ensure that we are able to analyze the structures of chemical constituents.



The Quality Control department of Nature Standard is also equipped with a series of instruments for qualitative and quantitative testing and analyses, including one Karl Fischer moisture analyzer, three HPLCs, three UHPLCs, one gas chromatographer (GC), one liquid chromatograph/mass spectrometer (LC-MS), one gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC), one Sciex4600 high-resolution mass spectrometer (TripleTOF); UV detectors, diode array detectors, evaporative light scattering detectors, and Agilent triple quadrupole LC-MS / MS system. In addition, there are equipment for routine tests, such as UV spectrometers, pH meters, conductivity meters, ovens, Muffle furnaces, multiple pieces of dissolution apparatus, stability chambers, basically covering all physical/chemical tests of TCM.



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